About US

Why SPG College

Shahjahanpur P.G.College, one of the best institutions of the rath region of Rajesthan, was founded by Dr Bhupesh Sharma in 2004. The college is the first ever to deliver the education of under graduate and post graduate level. This college is embedded with its renowned history of producing manifold elegant personalities.

The college is provided with reasonably a good infrastructure. This institution is blessed with highly qualified, well versed and efficient professors who are discharging their responsibility by rendering their valuable service by enlightening and educating the minds of students through different subjects.


  • Our mission is dedicated to the creation and transmission of new knowledge.
  • To provide rich education experience to students, relevant to the present time and mould them into conscientious citizens and agents of social transformations.
  • To facilitate young adult learners with opportunities of home with ethics and leadership potential.
  • Learning outcomes are continually reassessed in response to disciplinary standards the evolution of technology and industry expectations and the need of the time.